About Us

Mega Mykon Builders is a construction company formally established in 2014 born in the middle of a strong economic growth and construction boom in the Philippines. We entered the industry as a small civil construction contractor but has eventually made our name in the big leagues with our quality work assured of the highest standards.

We are a young yet progressive team of creative professionals in the fields of design and engineering, with decades of combined experience in commercial, residential and government construction projects, both for the private and the public sectors of the country. The steady growth of Mega Mykon Builders has been built on a foundation of public trust, as we demonstrated a track record of consistently delivering high quality civil projects that supersede the expectations of our clients.

Why Trust Us?

In our projects, we strive to build not just quality infrastructure, but also a solid partnership with you. By delivering quality work, we are building partners for life.

At  Mega Mykon  Builders, professionalism, competence, integrity and loving what we do are the foundations of our culture; we know our business and believe in our craft.

Our Work Approach

Transparency of the work process

Own team of builders and contractors

Full detalization of plans and specifications

Staying in touch in the duration of the project

Independent project management

Verified and certified material suppliers

Affiliations & Accreditations

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